Thursday, October 11, 2012


I'm not really into pumpkin patches that have ... stuff. Ya know what I'm talking about? The corn mazes and the hay rides, along with the blow up lawn ornaments and I'm especially opposed to the hefty price tag of those pumpkins. One pumpkin is great, but 25 are better, so my budget doesn't really allow for fancy pumpkin patch pumpkins. When I was pregnant with Ruby I searched high and low for a perfect pumpkin patch. One that was prime for photographs and had just pumpkins. I had found it. 35 minutes from our house, across the Salt Lake valley was the most glorious pumpkin patch around. I loved it so much that I took my mom back a few days later and bought more pumpkins. Well, that great pumpkin patch was pretty far away from Heber and since my discovery I hadn't been back. But now, now(!!!) I have time to drive an hour down the canyons on the freeway to the greatest pumpkin patch ever.  I convinced Heather that she had the time too. So we loaded up the mini van, {Thanks for having a mini van, it was very handy! ;)} and we ventured to the pumpkin patch. 
When Heather and I got home, exhausted from wrangling: 5 little girls under the age of 5 on a sunny afternoon, a belly the size of a basketball, 65 pumpkins, 2 bundles of cornstalks, and 6 wheelbarrows, we both agreed we should have bought more. 
So if you are in the need of an afternoon activity strictly dedicated to pumpkins, and ok they have a row of antique tractors,  go to the Best Pumpkin Patch Around.
(They did not ask me to say that or pay me anything for my endorsement, I just thought you should know if you are in Utah, this place is worth it.)

And now for the photos!

She picked a dozen pumpkins exactly like this. Funny how only one made it home...

A truck full of sugar pumpkins!!!! How charming and so practical for my baking addiction.

Five little girls and a bazillion pumpkins...

Enjoy your pumpkin picking!
love love

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  1. Oh man! I know that pumpkin patch, I used to take Hayden and Abie every year, we even went twice one year.
    Those five little girls are quite possibly THE cutest kids in the world. You know, since mine have grown into sweaty smelly teenagers ;)
    Looks like a marvelously perfect fall day!