Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ramblin' On...

Well look at that, it's Wednesday again...
  • I love candy corn. 
  • Ruby got in a fight with the coffee table. It won. She has the sweetest black eye. 
  • The backordered baby bedding arrived a whole month sooner than they said! The nursery is coming together very nicely.
  • I have been in a funk, I'm calling it the "last month of pregnancy funk"
  • I don't really want to bake, browse the internet, or do the laundry. I just want to sleep.
  • So our house is pretty much in shambles.
  • I keep waiting for that "nesting" energy to just appear. It's not here yet.
  • Kevin taught Stella how to throw a football and it's the cutest thing.
  • On Saturday we ventured to Ikea for a dresser for the baby. I was to scared to go by myself so I dragged Kevin there with me. Everything is easier with him around. 
  • That gem of a husband even put those dressers together and hung pictures for me! keeper.
  • My UPS lady is really nice, she will stop and say hi to us if we are outside, even when she isn't delivering packages.
  • And she usually comes between 10-10:30 everyday. Except today, when I'm waiting on a new pair of shoes. 
  • The weather! Can we talk about the weather? AMAZING.
  • We went to the pumpkin patch! And I didn't come home with enough pumpkins. I'll blog about that later...
  • Tuesday's are hard days for us, we don't have school or gymnastics. Which means  I have to try extra hard to entertain the girls.
  • I was all set to make pesto pizza yesterday, and when I went out to harvest my basil, (the only thing I grew successfully all summer,) it was black as black could be. Apparently I didn't realize it was freezing at night. Fail.
  • My dad gave me a stack of t-shirts because nothing fits over my belly anymore. 3 more weeks...
  • Only 3 more weeks until this baby is here! Glory be, we might survive this pregnancy.
And now for some photos...

love love

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