Sunday, November 11, 2012

A party!

Miss Stella June turned FIVE years old yesterday! FIVE! Can you believe it? I can't. She told me as I tucked her into bed last night that being five is the greatest thing she could have ever imagined. Better than all the princesses at the castle and better than baby Henry. Apparently being five is awesome.

She spent the morning with Trevor dining on french toast and being spoiled. Then the afternoon snuggling with Ruby and assisting with her birthday cake. After we ate pepperoni pizza per her request we dolled her up. She wanted to look extra pretty for her party, shocking, with jewelry and curly hair. Then came the party she and Ruby had been so excited for; cake and ice cream. Who knew that cake and ice cream could be so popular? I guess when you add your cousins and grandparents, along with buckets of presents, cake and ice cream is amazing. She was spoiled completely rotten and was gracious about it. Ensuring that everyone saw all of her pretty things and thanked everyone, slowly. She doesn't rush anything. 
Except blowing out the candles. Grandpa Trace had only gotten through half a verse of his birthday song before she blew all the candles out. I think she knew that Ruby was going to beat her to it if she didn't hurry. 

I can't imagine our household with out this sparkle in it. She is a dream.

love love

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