Tuesday, November 6, 2012


We had a baby...

I checked into the hospital at 11am and hooked up to everything by noon. The contractions started shortly after and things progressed. My mom arrived and we all settled in. The hospital was busy, really busy; 27 births in 24 hours busy. We spent a lot of time waiting on the doctor and waiting on the anesthesiologist. I had a great epidural that felt like a dream and Kevin was a champ holding my hand and watching every move the doctor was making. Kevin and my mom watched the monitors and contractions while I tried to rest. I slowly progressed. As my doctor checked me at 5:30, I was an 8; but of course because he was going to do a c-section I decided to finish dilating about 5 minutes after he left. I crossed my legs and held on until he could get back. I don't think I could have done it if my dear husband wasn't there holding my hands and reassuring me, my mom putting cold towels on my feet and my siblings texting me. Just because you are about to give birth doesn't mean you are exempt from harassment via group text messaging. The doctor arrived at 6:15 and a few pushes and rotating the little boy, he was born at 6:34pm. 
There are no words to describe that beautiful moment when they lay your newborn on your belly. With Kevin by my side and tears in our eyes we counted ten fingers and ten toes. Relieved that he was only 7 pounds 9 ounces, instead of the predicted ten pounds, we held him close and embraced the little miracle in our arms. 
Kevin was amazing during delivery. Amazing. He beat all the odds stacked against him and didn't pass out or puke the entire time. He held my legs and cut the umbilical cord. He coached me through the pushing and was completely consumed by the birth of his son. I couldn't have asked for a better man to be by my side. 

We are home now and everyone is doing well, Henry Augustus is a dream and we are completely in love. Completely in love I tell ya.

love love

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