Tuesday, December 4, 2012

more excuses

I've had some writers block. So much so that I'm organizing the toy room and cleaning out the storage room, AND I'm folding the laundry the SAME DAY that I washed it. Clearly I do not want to be aimlessly wandering around my desktop. I have been bustling around my house with my long to do list feeling all anxious, like there is so much to do and not enough time. hurry hurry hurry. I need to get the tree up because everyone I know on instagram already had theirs up. I need to get all of my Christmas shopping done because people have presents already wrapped under the tree! Then I realized that I have folders of photos to go through and things to blog about, I am behind! You all haven't even seen the turkey we fixed for Thanksgiving! Or that Henry has gotten bigger! So then I just stopped writing and started cleaning out more closets.
Sorry Dad.
I'm not sure why the anxiety about getting things done and that they have to be done on the day I say they need to be done. I think my non-pregnant self has returned. The one who writes a list down at the beginning of the week of things to do, and finds a lot of satisfaction in getting them done. I like it a lot. (who knew I was a lot like my little sister...) Even if my list includes folding the laundry, driving car pool, and grocery shopping. Its my little list and I'm settling into it.
Or maybe it's because I'm pretty freaking tired.

Stay tuned, because I promise my to do list does include posting a million photos about the nothing that has gone on...

love love

(You would have thought that I wrote this post of ridiculousness after only hours of sleep in the last week, but in fact I got an entire 8 hours last night!! (Oh Henry you are a dreamboat I tell you.) I feel like a completely different person today. Instead of using my new energy to edit photos, I am showering instead. Hygiene first people.)

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  1. Your life sounds like mine--but you have a newborn so I'm sure your feelings of anxious hurrying are totally understandable. Who knew that the day would come when checking off "shower" on my to do list would bring me such satisfaction. :)