Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Thanksgiving Pt 2

As we scheduled and planned all the happenings of Thanksgiving, (Oh you guys don't spend the entire weekend with each other? Even if you only live 3 miles apart? Weird.) We debated going here or there. I was even bribed with buck rail fences, and boy do I love them. Even Sundance brunch was suggested so no cooking was to be stressed over. From there the conversation only got louder and more chaotic. Can you imagine the noise with all those former Debate Captains arguing the location of turkey? Luckily Deb piped in with her "Tracy" voice and trumped all arguments and dinner was resolved to be had at home. In a kitchen we have never fixed Thanksgiving dinner in. For the first time I was able to cook the most traditional of meals along side my mother. We prepped items and baked the pie the day before the chaos unfolded and it was amazing. We traded tricks and shared aprons, drank each others Diet Coke and listened to music real loud. Something that hasn't happened since she taught me how to crimp a crust over a decade ago. It was one of those sentimental days, the kind that makes me want to allow my girls to roll out the dough instead of just watching. 
We scheduled out the main dinner and prepped all sorts of fantastic items until our feet were sore and we ordered pizza. 

As the grandkids ran around the house and the boys shot things, us women cooked in the kitchen. We added marshmallows to the yams, peeled potatoes, kneaded rolls and consumed Diet Coke. It was pretty much perfect. 
 We even had really great snacks through out the day, and that might be my favorite part. Maybe.

 Celery and Cheese? Does not get more traditional than that.


 Deb is real good at presentation...

It wasn't even sad that we cooked and planned for two days for one meal that was consumed in under 30 minutes. It was perfect.

And the best part of Thanksgiving dinner?
The after dinner snooze...
And for good measure. The pie.

I'm really grateful I have such an amazing family. We are so loud, so obnoxious, so humble and so completely overwhelming. And not only do we love each other, but we really like each other. I couldn't be more grateful for them. 
Happy Thanksgiving!

love love

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