Monday, December 31, 2012

Oh yeah that...

Remember when we were so excited for Christmas, for the holiday season? Now I'm so excited to have it over, to have the clutter gone, the treats off the counter, and nap time to resume. I guess I have officially entered motherhood. I'm just as excited for the holidays to be over with as I am for them to begin.
That being said, we had a glorious holiday season. Seriously. It was a blast. So busy with so many fun things. I was thinking about all the events and if we could cut any of them out next year, ya know to make it more relaxing, and I wouldn't. I wouldn't change any of it.
In classic Tehmi style we celebrated Christmas for days, days and days.  Between all the extended family parties, immediate family parties, Christmas Day, and the day after when Santa arrived at our house, I was making myself proud. All of those events happened one day after another for a week. The girls were a little bummed out when they didn't get to open presents on December 27, when Christmas had officially ended. I was completely relieved.
We tried to be mellow about Christmas this year, tried to keep things simple and not go overboard. It never really works out when we do that. Kevin spoiled us. He will tell you that he really tried not too; maybe next year we should define mellow for each other.
Also, I still haven't mastered the participate in the party, hold a newborn and take photos skill...
so sorry...

And yes, that is all the photos I took of our Christmas Days. Sorry Henry that I don't have any other photos that documented your first Christmas, you got a box of diapers and a rattle. Next year kid, next year your gonna score.

love love

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