Monday, December 17, 2012


My phone is dying a slow painful death. One of those deaths that is dramatic; where I think its going to live forever because it's acting totally normal. But then the next day its on its death bed and I'm preparing to say my goodbyes. So a couple of days ago I was trying to pump life back into it and was deleting text messages when I realized: 
a) There are a lot of pictures of dead things on my phone.
b) My family is so humble.
c) I never delete text messages. Ever. 
d) Group Messaging is such a bad thing for the Tolberts. 
There are 6 different group messages going on with 6 different combinations of family members. There is a thread with the purebloods, the mudbloods, without Deb, just the girls, one with everyone minus Kevin and Heather, and just the siblings. Apparently we are not efficient. Guess what every single thread contained? Pictures of the awesomeness that is Trace hunting AND a remark about Kevin not being there to haul out the dead things. 
I have had a habit of ignoring all the details about the dead things, so they no longer tell me them to me. But they should more often since I'm the one writing about it. I do know that Trace is real strong, a real good shot and now real tired... 
So in light of a yearly review, and needing free space on my iPhone, it appears Trace had a good year. 

These bears came from Canada. And no they are not the same bear, I asked. There are two bears. Isn't my mom so lucky to have 2 bearskin rugs??
 (I don't know why he looks so, lets call it sleepy, in this picture. The bear looks giant.)

This monster came from Wyoming, and as reference is bigger than Lightning. (I judge all deer by the first deer that hung in our home. We named him Lightning. I also don't understand the scoring system and get very confused between deer and elk.) Look how happy he is? That deer must be a big one.

This one came from the hills behind our house. Trace hunted for weeks and Hunter showed up for about 45 minutes and shot it. He's a teenager.

 Then this beauty came from a secret spot somewhere near Oklahoma, or Oregon. I'm not trusted with that kind of information.

You can only imagine how many freezers my parents have. And you should never trust what you are eating in the spaghetti sauce.

Until next year...

love love

For the record, Trace is in charge of the family Christmas card photo and Deb writes the letter. So I am in charge of the photo and this year I refused to let it be a collage of dead things or a photo of me 6 months pregnant. We compromised with a blog post. You can't win a debate or an argument with that man. 


  1. For the record the Wyoming deer is not bigger than Lightning (not Lightening) but it is close, and I am disappointed that none of my fish or my deer (which is much bigger than Hunters made the blog post)

    1. I do not know who "beet looking brother" is...