Monday, December 17, 2012


This is a post in where I spew all the random things that are going on. Mostly because if Richard tells me one more time that I am not busy chasing toddlers around, I will revoke all future cookies from him. I promise I will.
  • We went to the ward Christmas party. Yes. I know right?
  • I'm trying to make more friends, seriously. Friends that live close by me, any takers? (did I just advertise for friends on my blog? I'm so lame. )
  • It was great, the girls sang Christmas songs and oh that always melts my heart. 
  • Also because we all got showered and dressed I made sure photos were taken. It's such a rare occasion that we are all clean and dressed, at the same time. 
  • Henry is long. He has long fingers, long toes, long legs and no chubby rolls. 
  • He was fussing on the bed this morning, (like clockwork about 10 minutes from being completely showered, dressed and ready he freaks out) and then Ruby came skipping in. She said, Oh Henny. And he was then calm. 
  • Aren't babies the best? One baby calming the other baby down? 
  • I've had the hardest time buying Christmas for Kevin... It's like writers block or something. I can't decide what he needs or wants more. 
  • Ruby realized that she is an angry middle child. She doesn't leave my side for the entire day. All day. I go to the bathroom (mostly just to hide for a few moments) and there she sits with ten fingers under the door. 
  • My Christmas tree is dead. Needles everywhere. Is yours?
  • Stella is the best bottle feeder ever. For about 2 ounces, then she is bored. 
  • My darling neighbor delivered a bag full of cinnamon sticks, oranges and cranberries the first of December. It has been boiling on our stove since then. I bet my house smells better than yours. 
  • I finally built the girls Christmas presents, and I am so excited about them. 
  • Kevin was thrilled with the finished product. He has no vision and sometimes wonders about my grand ideas.
  • My Diet Coke consumption has tripled since Henry's arrival. 
  • At mutual last week, the leaders did a little skit. I was asked to be the irresponsible, loud, and disorganized one. I decided they weren't type casting. Right?
  • Henry sleeps from about 11pm until 6am. AWESOME right? 
  • Guess whats more awesome? Kevin gets up at 6:30, so he just casually gets up 30 minutes earlier with him. THAT MAN IS A GEM. A GEM.
  • I left the groceries in the car for nearly 3 days on accident. It was cold outside so they were fine, right? And apparently I don't leave the house very often.
  • Then my grandma called me out when I posted about it on Facebook. Favorite Facebook moment to date. 
  • Stella is working on not being Ruby's mom. Working being the key word. 
  • Henry had a rough day, he didn't want to eat or snuggle. He wanted to fuss and whine. And then when I finally got him to calm down, I found a booger in his nose. Obviously I have learned nothing from my other children, and I sucked it out. Mom of the year.
  • We went to the zoo. In December because it was warm outside. What's wrong with the weather? 
  • Polar Bears! 
  • The girls and I are eating clementines by the armfuls. Kevin, well Kevin is juggling with them. And now he is the coolest person we know.  
Now where I spew all the photos that don't have anything to do with anything.

love love

Sorry for the excessive use of the word "Right?" Apparently I am needing reassurance these days. 

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  1. Spewing is rad. I still want to make some of your tents! And, I will glady be a friend any day! As long as you don't mind me being loud and disorganized...because I can't help it.