Tuesday, January 15, 2013


It happened last week, we were wandering around World Market waiting for our silly girls to come back home and we found it. This great table. The kind that seeps into your mind and you can't get rid of it, you know what i'm talking about? The tall tale sign that you need to purchase it, when you can't stop thinking about it. Well I kinda wasn't thinking about it, but my tall friend was. A lot. And a few days after that he couldn't stop thinking about it. He needed it, he wanted it, and he got it. For me.
I have a laptop and a wireless printer so a desk and an office is completely unnecessary. That warped folding table I had set up in the spare room was totally sufficient for my sewing machine and a few modge podge projects. Oh but now... Now I have an office, and I can't believe I didn't have one before! I haven't left it since. Seriously. The girls think I got a new job at home, because ya know I'm in my office so much. I'm working of sorts in there, like paying bills and tinkering. I do love tinkering so much especially with the knick knacks of the house. I have sat in this new office of mine reading a book, rocking the baby, playing on the internet and staring. Staring at all the things I can hang on the wall and things to put on the shelf. When I start to tinker in one portion of the house, it starts to bleed into the others and the next thing you know I'm reworking every closet and nook of the house. It's dangerous. And let's be honest I will settle in shortly at reworking this blog. What fun is it to stay the same? So forgive me while I ramble about nothing and rearrange all the parts of my life, it's January and I'm just trying to keep warm.

But aren't they cute?

love love

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