Thursday, February 28, 2013

A serious ramble

  • I've been rambling a lot as of lately. But just too myself. I found myself talking out loud in the shower, nothing interesting just my to do list. Unfortunately I didn't write it down and didn't remember any of it, so we were without milk for another day. We go without milk a lot around here. Mostly because I don't drink it, so I never know if its rotten. If Kevin isn't here, it for sure goes rotten and the girls have to tell me that their cereal tastes funny. Mom of the year?
  • I'm itching for February to be over. My body keeps thinking its warm out there, so I wear loafers and a light sweater. Fail. It is not warm out there. It is a bitter bitter cold. Still. I can usually make it through January, mostly because you are prepared for the January bitterness, you know its going to be terrible. But I always underestimate February. Always. 
  • Ruby has been rambling a lot lately. Mostly in her sleep. She naps in my bed during the day, and usually she just stops playing and tucks herself in. I let her sleep in there because after about 20 minutes she is so out that I can shower and put away the laundry as if she isn't there. A few days ago I was baking a pie in the kitchen and heard this jabber. I thought maybe Henry was fussing or Ruby was awake. I took my floured hands up the stairs and listened at my door. It was Ruby. She was mad. Real mad. I cracked the door open to find her sleep talking. Usually Stella is the talker and the walker. And I, myself, have been known to wander around talking or yelling about anything and everything. But I've never heard Ruby. She was yelling at Bampa Trace. Yelling over and over again, "NO BAMPA, NO. That is MY mou-tain DEEEWWW. NO you can't have it." I nearly laughed out loud. Then she sat straight up in the air and starting pounding her fists on the bed yelling, "NO BAMPA, NO. YOU CAN'T DRINK ALL MY MOU-TAIN DEW!" Clearly she was thirsty. After about a minute of jibberish and screaming at my dad, she fell back asleep for another hour. 
  • Friday night I tried to go play tennis with Kevin but was wrangled into an evening with my parents at home, waiting for dear friends to arrive from out of town. Somehow we were playing this game... Ok by playing I mean I was tinkering with it until Trace had enough watching me and decided to pull the "I'm the smartest guy in the room card" And he put it together much quicker than me. Stupid game. Kevin is a really good sport, really good. He is completely OK with hanging out with the Tolberts regardless of the family members in attendance and our plans. He is a keeper. 
  • And yesterday. Oh yesterday. I committed to go to cross fit. ugh. I am not that hardcore. Not at all. Just ask Micall, she will tell you that I'm not that hard core. It was an interesting work out, and I would have been fine had I stopped at suggested 3 sets. Instead I let the guy next to me get into my head has he was chiming in about the body being stronger than the mind and I could easily do 5 like the rest of the class. Well I did. And when I got home I was carrying Henry downstairs to switch the laundry and both my legs wouldn't move correctly and I fell all the way to the bottom. I did that twice. Then I sat in the parking lot of the grocery store debating how badly I needed milk. I genuinely didn't think I could carrying Henry into the store and not fall over. Clearly we needed milk since it was all rotten. So I slowly survived the walk to the milk aisle. I whined about my legs all night long to Kevin. He was very supportive, and rubbed them with a rolling pin. (Are you surprised though?) The worst part, I went back this morning. Stupid. Luckily it was an arm day and not a leg day. But my hands got all dirty and they tried to give me chalk so I could make tally marks on how many sets I had done. Chalk. Freaking chalk. (I don't do chalk. Or icky fabrics, my OCD goes into overdrive and I tuck my thumbs into a fist until I can wash my hands or the anxiety has passed. I'm a freak, I know.) I'm thinking a 6am conditioning class sounds better, or even a run. Just no more chalk. 
  • On a happy note, I've decided that I need to freshen up on my French. Because lets be honest I didn't learn anything in Ms. Jeters French classes. Bonjour! But do you know how hard it is to use Rosetta Stone with Ruby trying to repeat it back to you? Real hard. I'm bribing her with a bowl of popcorn, Chapstick and a movie to stay downstairs. 
love love

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