Tuesday, March 5, 2013

sunshine and warmth

OK, so it has been too long since I went down south. I'm not exactly sure why... Timing? Schedules? Only having the girls every other weekend makes it a lot harder. But we finally made the time and packed up the car and headed down to the St. Geezy. The kids were so excited to go, Ruby woke up Thursday morning sitting on top of my head asking what time we were leaving. They were dreams in the car, they all slept perfectly the entire way down. We had nothing on the agenda other than hanging out with Gram and Gramps. Oh and there was a bike race, but we only cheered briefly. Go Brian! Go Hunter! Go team KUHL! (They all won!!!) We packed strollers, bikes, roller blades, scooters, shorts and flip flops. We had our rocket box full to the brim. 
The girls went on a frog hunt in the dirt and desert, they didn't find any frogs, but lots of dirt. Gram spoiled them with new dresses and took us all to church!

 Ruby is starting to remind me of Ramona Quimby. She sometimes is a pest.

This is what Ruby thought about the bike race...
We went to church, and look at these dreamboats! My boys are so cute! I die over those shoes.
The girls in their new dresses, and of course Ruby's purse with her Mountain Dew Chapstick. I'm not sure where Eliza ran off too... 

We were so grateful Taylor was there to play with us. Brian, you are weird.
The girls pretty much did this all the time with her...
We were bummed, Gramps wasn't feeling very good. So we spent our extra time with Gram.
 This little girl, she is a dreamboat.
 Gramps was staying warm with his coat.

 She's a mini-me...
Oh, hey blue eyes... 
When we woke up Monday morning after venturing home, Ruby was sitting on my face asking when we were going back to St. George. (why is does she always wake up that way?) I think she was hooked on the sunshine and being completely spoiled from her grandparents. 
Thanks Gram and Gramps! It was awesome!

love love 

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