Monday, March 11, 2013


I got to hang out with the boys on Saturday. Not my boys, they were hanging out with each other. I got to go with Trace and Brian and their newest hobby. Touring. I never get invited with the boys, ever. I'm guessing it's a combination of my children tying me down and if we are being really honest here, I'm not that cool. I was on a probationary invitation to start with, because I left my goggles at home and didn't realize it until we were a few miles down the road. Fail. Luckily my forgetfulness was overshadowed by a broken snowmobile and then a purchase of a new snowmobile. Great for me, not so great for the new owners of the sled, or their wives. But after all the debacles and a few hours later we were finally ready.
I was so nervous.
They assured me it was just like walking, and that I would be fine.  Guys. I'm not very good at walking. I fall down daily. Seriously. And I forget that I can be athletic. I'm so used to being the non-athletic Tolbert that I forget I can do that stuff. So I stripped off my snowmobile layers and strapped on touring skis and just like that we walked right up the ridge line. It was so unbelievable. I have been skiing my entire life, and there isn't much I love more than an early morning tram and upper silver fox. Touring up the ridge line amongst the greatest views might beat a Deer Valley cookie and upper silver fox.
I was completely taken by the views, by where we live. I've always wanted to live out of the country, away from it all, for an experience an such. But as I stood at the top of the peak looking around, I realized I don't want to be anywhere else. I want to stay right here.
Then we added a few more layers of clothing on and we were skiing untouched fresh powder all the way down. I giggled the entire way. It was well worth the 3,000 feet of vertical we had just climbed.

Thanks boys for a great Saturday ski day! I include Kevin and Henry in that, because I pretty much left them home alone to entertain themselves all day. They are real good to me!

love love

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  1. My boys had a great time too! Next time, I want to come :). Plus I would love love to catch up with you!