Friday, February 22, 2013

Four Months

Oh Henry,
I debated a hundred times if I should write you monthly letters and I guess since this is the first one I've written it's pretty obvious that I chose to still debate it instead of actually write them. But here you are four months later and I hope you won't mind. Henry you are the sweetest baby I've ever had. The girls were sweet, but different. You are calm, you are happy, you are content. You smile at everyone, all the time. Your cheeks are growing and your legs are constantly moving. You are a jumper, a stander. Sitting isn't your thing. Sometimes I wish it were, it would be nice to eat a meal with you sitting on my lap instead of wanting to jump on it. There is this sparkle to your eyes, that twinkles the moment you watch us walk towards you. When the girls aren't there around you, you smile less. I wondered how you would react to them being away. You are still happy, but you look around for them, wondering when they are coming to say good morning. 
You are a drooler these day, like soak your bib, shirt and undershirt kind of drool. It's really awesome. You are like a giant puppy. Happy and drooling. You are constantly trying to stick your entire fist in your mouth and most of the time you are successful. You are starting to grab at toys or when we put them in your hand you will hold onto them for a while. You finally decided that you like the bumbo and I'm so glad. But your very favorite thing is the johnny jump up. Oh how you love it. You bounce and kick and wiggle all morning long while I'm getting ready. You get to watch the girls come and go and if you giggle loud enough at them they will swing you back and forth. Everyday it seems like you are getting bigger. Your cheeks are squishier, your chins are multiplying and that sweet snuggly infant has turned into a jabbering baby. You are really good at telling stories, and I'm pretty sure Ruby understands you. You talk to each other for a good part of the morning, ooh and ahhing back and forth.

Henry, you are the best thing that has ever happened to this household. You are that link in the chain that makes us all connected, and for that we are forever grateful. I can't wait to see what you grow up to be, how you change and your personality develops. But in the mean time, we are so enjoying this stage of your life. 
Know that you are very much loved. 

love love


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  2. Oh my goodness Tehmi, what a charmer!!! I love the pics and he could not possibly be any stinkin cuter!!!