Tuesday, February 5, 2013


We eat lunch around noon everyday. Mostly because we have picked up Stella from school and our errands are all done. And that gives the afternoon for naps. Oh naps.... Today while the grilled cheese was cooling I turned around to these too knuckleheads giving me these faces:

I'm so glad they take lunch time seriously.  
We spent the weekend out and about with our little family. On Friday night Kevin took us all out to dinner, and not to the Dairy Keen or Tony's, he took us to a restaurant with a waiter and dark lighting. Normally I get a little nervous about places like this, because well I have young children and who wants to be those people? We sat down and the lovely waiter brought a few crayons for them to color with, they immediately were in heaven. As I read the menu to them the both chose what they wanted. Stella wanted chicken fingers with fruit and Ruby wanted a salad with ranch. Yes. They wanted fruit and salad. I tried to convince them of some french fries hoping that my intervening would prevent a meltdown but they were not having it. So when the nice waiter came back to take our order Stella told him what she wanted. And I couldn't help but smile. She told him with those big blue eyes, "I'll have the chicken with a side of fruit please." No indignant tone, just articulate and a healthy request. He then looked at Ruby and she quietly said, "Can I have a salad with ranch please?" They never even looked at Kevin and I for assurance of for us to speak for them. Like they were little adults instead of small children. They ate their meal as well as they ordered it, except Ruby was eating my side of guacamole with a spoon, thief. They were so excited when we surprised them with ice cream afterwards. At least Stella was, Ruby does not enjoy ice cream. She thinks she does.
As the official day of junk food arrived on Sunday we were stocked up, but of course I threw in a few healthy options, mostly because that's what I had, edamame and some apples in the fridge for a possible pie. Of all the things on the table, Cheetos, Doritos, M&M's, Dips, and BBQ sandwiches. They asked for edamame and ate all the apple slices I had cut up. Who are these kids? They passed up Cheetos to eat soy beans? It's pretty much awesome is what it is. I love my little healthy eaters. But don't get me wrong every single time we go to my parents Ruby gets a baggy full of cereal and charms Trace into opening her a Diet Mountain Dew. Every. Time.
You can't win them all right?

love love

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