Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hey it's Wednesday!

  • Does anyone else's third child pretty much live in footy pajamas? I hope so. Henry is always, always, in footy pajamas. And if we are being honest, they are usually the ones from the night before. I try to change them every 24 hours. I mean longer than that even I draw the line. 
  • Ruby has peed her pants TWICE at the park this week. and I might have just told her to deal with it because I didn't want to go home. Mom fail? probably.
  • I have this shirt that I bought a couple of years ago, I love it. But it's a true cap sleeve, so I get that awkward armpit thing going on. Well I decided I was going to fix it, just sew a strip underneath and I hide things. But how to match the silky material of the shirt? I wandered around the underwear aisle of Walmart holding my shirt trying to match things. Oh man... OH MAN. Seriously, the designs and styles. You should see the ones I ended up with. Because of course I couldn't just buy the one that I wanted, I had to buy the whole pack. Classy stuff. classsssy. 
  • Kevin is out of town again this week. We FaceTime our nightly routine, meaning we say our family prayers together. And Ruby whispers to the computer "...hey, ...hey dad.. hey... dad.. dddaaaaddd..." Then we all start laughing and Stella glares at us, because she does not think we are funny. We are working on reverence. Sort of. 
  • I was supposed to coach Stella's soccer team. Luckily there was a mix up with soccer and t-ball and a few phone calls later she was on a soccer team and I wasn't the coach. phew. She cried hysterically the first 5 minutes of her first game. Why? She was nervous. And after everyone tried oh so nicely to convince her it was ok, I finally told her to get a grip, pull herself together and get her butt back in the game. Within 20 seconds of walking on the field she scored and just stared at us, like whatever you guys. That child... 
  • Henry is teething like crazy, his favorite teething toy? My chin. When I hold him on my side, first he stands on my hip bone, then he latches onto my chin like its candy. He's a lover. It's awkward. 
  • I've been sewing a lot lately. I just have this itch, like any ounce of creativity I have is being channeled into fabric. Which is weird because I used to be terrified of it. I've overcome my fear and anxiety. It's kind of fun. Before I recovered the ottoman, I actually bought the fabric for pillows. I made nearly a dozen of them and now I think if I make anymore it will be a little ridiculous at our house. The girls helped me stuff the last one, and oh jeez. It's all lumpy and squishy and it drives me crazy. But they helped me and forever it will stay lumpy and squishy. 
  • Since Kevin is out of town, we only eat kid food. I'm so tired of mac n'cheese and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Please come home soon so I can eat something other than cheerios. (I know I could just fix myself a real meal, but whatever) Maybe I should combine forces with my Mom and make sure my Dad is getting fed. Or we will just order Chinese food... again. 
  • Did you guys notice that Henry is the mini clone of Kevin? So cute right?!? And he sits, like a gorilla. Oh I love that little boy. 

love love

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