Tuesday, April 16, 2013

You guys...

I am sitting at my desk, trying to decide what project I should start next. There is a bouncing baby boy in the door frame and his sister is sitting on the toilet with the door open chatting her heart out to him. And he is chatting back. Stella is at the other end of my desk singing out loud while practicing her letters. I printed off a handwriting practice sheet and she has been furiously writing the alphabet over and over again. Nobody has showered, we are practically in our pajamas and I plan to make pancakes for dinner. Pretty glamorous right? But really, Ruby is sitting on the toilet going to the bathroom, and she has been chatting with Henry for 2 minutes. You guys...
Yeah so, Kevin is out of town and we are having a girl week. He doesn't go out of town very often, but when he does he is gone for the week or more and we pretty much eat cereal and pancakes. Never meat. I try to make some silly "crafty" project that would take up way to much time and make a very large mess for days on end, so he doesn't have to see it. But this time I already finished that project and who knows what I'll make up next. The weather is pretty crummy, meaning we keep waking up to inches and inches of snow and that cold wind chilling our bones. Our dreams of spending the week at the park picnicking and swinging have been crushed. Damn you April and your weather.
These littles of mine are cracking me up regardless of the weather and Kevin's location. Seriously.
Stella is pretty much a dream boat as always. She has been spending most of the day singing to herself, like she lives in musical. Basically singing all the her thoughts about everything, and it's all sorts of ridiculous. Like I'm living with Buddy the Elf. We are working on respecting personal space, like she can't lay her head millimeters from Henry's face all day long. She is sweet though, always loving him and Ruby. Most of the time.
Ruby was on the phone yesterday with Trevor, and she kept telling him that "Jesus died for us, you know that? you know that? YOU KNOW THAT?!?" Previously to her telling him about Jesus, she was talking about how she likes to eat pepperonis. So it turns out that what we are teaching her is sinking in. But she only has two volumes, loud and louder. She jabbers non stop about everything all day, and usually in the louder volume setting. And she only wants to wear her Snoopy shirt. Everyday. and I sometimes let her.
Henry, oh my little Gus. He is the sweetest baby ever. He's all sorts of happy and giggly and becoming extra squishy. I spend a lot of my day squeezing him. He's starting to sit up, but he just wants to stand and bounce. And smile at his sisters.
This staying at home life, it's pretty dreamy. Full of dance parties, painting finger nails and telling the children over and over again to close the door, turn on the light and flush the toilet. You should be jealous.

love love

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  1. you have a most adorable family! So I saw your comment on Sugardoodle and since I'm a blogger I thought I'd come over for a visit. Feel free to stop by my place and we can start to get to know each other!


    Thanks Saimi