Sunday, April 7, 2013


I didn't do much in regards to Easter this year, it's all part of my silent and useless protest with Pinterest. (It's ruining holidays!!!!) A simple basket, some peanut butter eggs which I have lost all self control on and bubbles. (Aren't bubbles totally necessary?) But photos of the day have nothing against overzealous holidays, plus we've been standing on the front stairs for years taking photos. So here they are, the annual Easter photos!

--ok so they are wearing the same thing as last year... still extra cute though, right?--
--we will take the any hours Micall and TJ can give us when they come to town!--
 --these boys, dreamboats I tell you--

 --they are real cute together--
 --duude, gus, what's going on? and ruby, can you sit still?--
 -- ahhhh --

-- sometimes i get freaked out that i have 3 kids... -- 

 -- but they are really cute...--
--you guys like my commentary? I fell like I should just be hash tagging instead...--

love love


  1. You have such a beautiful family. I couldn’t agree more with you regarding your pintrest protest. When did we all become so over the top? I think it’s nice to simplify and enjoy the moment.

  2. Um, give me those shoes.