Sunday, April 7, 2013


Miss June and I went skiing last week! For the first time together!!! A sunny day, fresh corduroy, a deer valley cookie and all those Tolbert's making for the best ski day around. Seriously, I was beaming like that obnoxious mom squealing down the mountain with her. We were there celebrating Finley's birthday and everything was right with the world. Kevin was playing at home with Ruby and Gus. I know right? He's pretty awesome and I'm pretty freaking spoiled.
But seriously, I went skiing with my girl. There I was, one arm underneath her arm pit lifting her up on the chair lift, talking about all the great things in life. Because all great conversations happen on a chair lift. Singing songs and giggling down the mountain. It was a beautiful day, to be there watching Grandma Deb ski with her grand daughters, to have Grandpa Trace teaching them all about a rockets blasting off as the lift heads up the mountain and making big turns. Watching her flap her wings and zoom like an airplane. Not a single thing wrong with any of that.

--grandma is better with June than I ever was with Kevin. This would be where I left him to fend for himself. oops--
--maybe my favorite picture to date, maybe.--
--these girls will be serious rippers when you get back Hunter... --
//happy birthday finley!//

I have found myself watching the video's I took with my phone over and over again beaming I tell ya!  So please indulge me in a mom video, what? it's my blog...

I can't wait for the many more ski days to come with my little rippers! eek! It makes me all giggly!
love love

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  1. Love this' and seriously, nice hash tag. Oh yeah, one more thing. You are right, the BEST conversations happen on chairlifts.