Monday, May 6, 2013


So it started about two months ago. I had been making new friends and exercising at the same time. We had been spending our mornings at the rec center walking the track, talking about all the things mothers talk about. Then we showed up at an aerobics class, then convinced the teacher to teach it not so early, so we could function at aerobics class. By this time I had decided that I should buy a new sports bra if I was going to really be doing this sort of nonsense. Then Kevin came home and declared he was going to run our friends Half Marathon in May. The one I had sworn I would never do and probably laughed at the concept. I have been plagued with guilt since Kevin and I got married about his running. He was running a lot before we had gotten married and somehow he just didn't anymore once we were husband and wife. Turns out snuggling in the early morning is way more fun than running on the cold pavement. I looked at the course map, I thought about it. I thought about it some more. When I drove past it I thought about it a lot.

Then I declared it to Kevin: I would run the half marathon with him.

It took me 2 more weeks to declare it to the Tolbert's. Because once you commit to them there is no going back. I stressed. I fretted. I had never run more than a mile before, and I hadn't done that since the 7th grade. But slowly I did it. I ran a mile, then I ran two and three and four. Always surprising myself that I could do it. On Saturday's we would bundle up the children and run with them. Ruby would cheer us on and Stella would ride her bike next to me. I would talk to my sister and she would laugh out loud every single time I would tell her about it. Even last week she laughed at me. I know it's a hard image to picture, me running. My dad constantly asked, WHY? My brothers were surprisingly really supportive and offered lots of tips, I mean Brian did invent indian running so naturally he was helpful. But Kevin, Kevin never lost faith in me. He never laughed and when I would get so worked up with nerves about it, because I have a tendency to stress and obsess about things, he just smiled and said you know you can do it. You'll take it one mile at a time. He's so logical.

On Saturday we woke up at 3:30 in the morning and headed down the canyon. I was worried about if I had enough clothes on or too many and if I would pee my pants. That usually happens while running. I was nervous I wouldn't eat the right things and I would take the wrong gel and I'd throw up. That had happened before too. I had never crossed the finish line of anything before. Ever. I had watched my siblings push themselves harder than I could have ever imagined and cross the finish. I had watched Kevin train and put in the hours and cross that line with a big smile on his face. But I never had. I didn't know what to expect, I didn't know how to handle the nerves and the adrenaline. But just like Kevin does in every aspect of my life, he calmed my nerves and kissed my lips.

I had set a goal. I was going to run a half marathon. And I wanted to run it faster than a ten minute mile.  I took it a half mile at a time, and I felt really good until about mile 10. Then I felt really tired. Because ten miles is pretty far. I guess the good part about running is that it's just one foot in front of the other. And that's what I did those last few miles. Cami and Marc with Gus cheered me on and her cute pregnant belly ran a block with me while I was gritting out the last mile. My parents were there cheering at the finish line. At a marathon finish line, they were there! I finished! I ran a half marathon. And I did it faster than a ten minute mile. (!!!) Probably my biggest accomplishment yet. Because I didn't have to do it. I did it because I wanted to, I wanted to push myself. I wanted to cross that line because it was hard, and I had worked for it. I did it for my girls, to show them that they can be strong. I did it for my family, because I said I would. But mostly I did it because Kevin knew and believed that I could.
Shortly after I got my legs back and was breathing normal, Kevin finished must faster than any other half marathon he had done before. And of course he was smiling.

//We huddled around campfires for an hour before the start, I smelled amazing//

 //We even watched the sunrise before running to breakfast//
 //Let's say it was real early and real real cold at the start...//

//I finished!//

// I ran the finish line twice, I liked it so much. Once on my own, then when Kevin came through.//

 //I wish the girls could have been there to watch, but Gus cheered for them.//

The best part? I didn't even pee my pants.
I know right?!

love love


  1. That IS the best part!!!! I'm crazy proud of you, friend!

  2. Awesome! The first time I ever cried during a sport was crossing my first 1/2 marathon finish line. It's a big deal! And you did it like two months after having a baby! You're crazy awesome!

    1. Henry is 6 months old, so I'm not that crazy awesome... :)