Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Play Ball

This last week we piled all of our children in the car and stocked up on excessive amounts of candy and took a road trip. Like an 8 hour road trip to Denver. Thats a pretty long drive with 3 small children. They all faired way better than I did. I was bored. Shocked? I'm not.
We headed to Denver mostly for a baseball game. I know, I know. I drove 8 hours, with 3 small children, to a baseball game. I know, strange right? My brother in law, Bryan, arranged 6 months ago for all of us to witness the Yankees play the Rockies at Coors Field for my Father in Laws 60th birthday. I'm slowly learning that the Yankees are a pretty big deal. I've never seen Richard so excited for anything. Ever. I couldn't care less about baseball and if we are being honest I don't really care about the Yankees. Sorry Richard... But I went, and it was pretty fantastic! We had great seats given the weather. It rained. A lot. And we were snuggled in on the back two rows of right fields lower level. Which meant, the upper level seats were covering us from the rain. I might have whined a lot more if we had been sitting anywhere else. The conversation was great, the snacks never ever stopped and the Yankees won! They won after nearly a 3 hour rain delay. That's right, I drove 8 hours with 3 small children, to go to a Yankees game and then endured a 3 hour, cold rain delay. I've got a lot of love in my heart for those Brimhalls. But you know how on Christmas Eve you are putting all those stupid toys together, arranging everything, and you're tired and sick because you've eaten nothing but baked goods for a month and you just want it to be over? Then your children wake up on Christmas morning and are so excited they can't even stand it? And you think, I can't wait to do this next year!! Thats what a Yankees game felt like with Richard. He could hardly sit still he was bursting with excitement. I've never seen a man more excited over anything. Ever. There he was with his kids and their spouses, his wife, watching the Yankees win, turning 60 years old. I think he is still smiling in his sleep. His excitement about everything made the day unforgettable.
 Cami didn't mean to cheer for the Rockies...
 They pulled that tarp out more than once, and watching them fall on their faces while running it out there was awesome.
 Happy Damn Birthday!!!

 I don't know who this guy is, (he's probably a big deal) but he pretty much stood like this at second base for most of the game.
 My nose was real cold...

love love

(You know it wouldn't be a vacation without days worth of blog posts. Stay tuned for more photos!)

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