Thursday, May 16, 2013

swimming pools and movie stars

After the baseball game we decided that it was the kids turn to enjoy some fun. They were hanging out at home while we were eating peanuts and cracker jacks. And the girls were with Mimi and Bampa Kenny getting spoiled rotten. So on Friday we let them go swimming at our hotel. Because what vacation happens without the token swimming in the hotel? It goes hand in hand with licorice on a road trip. Required. The pool was the size of a large bath tub and if you ask Stella what her favorite part of the vacation was, swimming would be it. Go figure. And what is it about swimming with Dad's that makes it so much more fun than swimming with Mom's? Maybe it's that they get thrown around like balls instead of being told to be careful. Dad's for the win!

// Gus was a little indifferent about the pool...//

 // I took nearly 1500 photos this weekend and I couldn't get Miss Piper to smile at me for anything. But she would smile at Kevin. He is nicer than me, so I understand//
 // Life jackets in the pool make everything so much easier.//
 // The water was a little cold for Ruby//
 // But the hot tub was nice and warm for Henry//
 // See what I mean, Dad's at the pool are so much fun! Jan was in the corner telling them to stop the entire time...//
 // Piper kills me. I love everything she's got going on.//
 // Claire wasn't to keen on the noise waking her up, clearly.//

 // The girls could have been thrown into the pool over and over again for days. //

love love

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