Thursday, May 16, 2013

Animals are weird.

Arguably the highlight of the trip was the zoo. Oh the Denver Zoo, you put our poor Hogle to shame. The weather was so fantastic, the sun was shining and everyone was so excited to be there. The kids loved it! OK and so did Kevin. Probably the most. Bryan assured us that they had never gotten through more than one section of the zoo in a day. Oh we got through it, I pretty sure at least 90% of it. 
Also, I took 700 hundred photos at the zoo and it's my blog, so I'm going to dump them all here. Ok not all of them, but a lot. Like seriously. 

Richard is into birds, they call him the bird man of Grandview hill. Or just his kids do. There were a lot of freaking birds. He was overly excited. It's weird.
Hey Cute Face!
Ruby did not like the Komodo Dragon. Not at all. Can you really blame her? They are weird.
Gus's hair is white. In case you were wondering. 
Do not mess with a goose and her eggs. Or a Tiger. 
Look it's a Lorax and kind of a Henry. 
I stand corrected Hogle Zoo, that weird looking animal you have on your carousel does exist. Meet the Okapi. It's totally weird. 
These little girls played so fantastic!
These Flamingos are weird. They were charging around in complete unison squawking. And then a bird pooped on my head. Thanks Cami for cleaning it out! Stupid Bird. 

Ruby chased this goose around for a long time. She has no fear. Seriously. She was so close to getting it. 
We fed the birds! Ruby's favorite was the bird named Ruby. Go figure. 
Ash- The zookeeper said these birds are all over Australia. So Stella kept saying they were playing with Will's birds, and that he was so nice to share. 
Micall, what is this thing? Freaking bizarre and weird. Animals are weird. 
Look Richard likes Kevin!
Oh Piper, I love you!
You guys really just like all the sarcastic remarks don't you?

Don't worry there are still more blog posts to come from Denver!

love love


  1. I love the one of Piper picking her nose. Also the one of Richard and Kevin. Also Chris Farley, I mean Piper. Also all of them. Miss you guys!

  2. AWWWW the baby girl is so adorable!!! I haven't been to the zoo since I was young... I really need to put at the top of my list to go again! I've been browsing around different blogs and am enjoying your posts :) Keep it up! My blog is mainly an animal lover's community haha

  3. That would be a cassowary bird...flightless bird related to the emu and ostrich. Pretty much looks like a dinosaur bird to me. Pretty shy but when provoked have been known to kill. Thank you vet school for teaching me how to google.

  4. Oh my, I love the Denver Zoo! I miss it, we have a lot of great memories of our cute kids there too! The otters are my mostest favorite!