Friday, May 17, 2013

Church with the Brimhalls

This concludes our vacation to Denver, and then I will go back to posting about the nothingness that is our life at home. Maybe your sad? 

Before loading the three small children in the car for the 8 hour drive home, we were able to be go to the baby blessing of Claire. Oh she is sweet. And a really, really great baby. Most of the time I kind of forgot she was part of the chaos. And she has the most fantastic hair. It doesn't appear she got it from the Brimhalls...

Again, Piper is stone cold. I couldn't get that little girl to smile at me for anything. Seriously. I was bribing her with candy and she was icing me out. Next time Piper, next time.
Just two years ago, Jan and Richard didn't have any granddaughters. Now they have 4, and it's a lot of squealing chaos.
It's cute that Bryan was standing on his toes...

 Oh these boys of mine... I love.
Cami and Marc, this is such an original pose! Get that baby here so you can start juggling something in photos. (baby boy arriving in September, although i'm not sure where she's hiding him.)
Thanks so much Bryan and Niki for letting us come and visit! Let's do it again!
Right after the blessing we piled back in the car for our trek home. It would have been a great trip home I'm sure of it. But Ruby came down with the flu and I spent most of the drive home jumping to the back seat to catch her puking into a cup. Doesn't that sound like the most glorious 8 hours of your life? The poor thing. She's feeling better now, but the rest of the house has come down with it. Nothing like recovering from a vacation and the flu. I'm trying not to blame you Denver, but kinda, it's your fault that I have a baby puking in my face and a child laying on the tile floor moaning loudly. I'll still come visit though. Maybe. 

love love

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