Tuesday, May 21, 2013


  • Kevin asked me what I was writing a blog post about. I responded with, "um, the same thing I always right about?" Nothing. I mean not a lot of profound things going on these days. Just life. And I guess thats pretty good?
  • It was late at night, way past my bed time. But Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives was on, so of course I was sucked in. And they were making pizza. Oh man, if there had been a party pizza in my freezer I would have eaten the whole thing. So many things to be ashamed of right there, but whatever. I like party pizzas. 
  • The next day, at a more normal hour, I was clearly thinking again so of course I bought a pizza stone and was on a mission for the perfect thin crust pizza. That's totally normal right? 
  • The girls have been struggling leaving every other weekend, so we have been making friendship bracelets so they don't feel so far away. and because we are friends and stuff. The problem with little girls and bracelets is that, well they didn't last the weekend before they were all lost. Except mine, I still have mine. Can you guess what color Ruby chose? Green. I know your shocked.
  • We have officially detoxed the entire house this week. We had the flu that rocked everyone's world the last few days. You know whats worse than Ruby laying on the floor, moaning and whining all afternoon? Henry projectile vomiting. Or maybe Stella near hysteria all day because that's how she copes with nausea. I'm freaking exhausted.
  • Kevin is out of town this week, so I put the kids to bed at 7:30 and tucked myself in at 8pm. Is that sad? Kinda. But kinda awesome.
  • Also, I found a banana lounger (you know those lounge chairs that fold in thirds and are stretchy? No? you should they're awesome.) at Target and I'm so excited. My mom used to have  one that she would pull out on the driveway behind the garage and lay out while we road our bikes around her. That right there is a stay at home mom perk. Win. My tan will be awesome.
  • Ruby learned how to ride her bike without training wheels and when she tells you about it, it goes like this: "I ride my bike without training. ALL. BY. MY. SELF!!!!
  • and I found these photos on my camera that I took a few weeks ago. taking photos of all of them together. Oh jeez.  

this pretty much shows how it is at our house. all. day. long. 
oh Hey Gus. He's always smiling. Unless he is puking, then he's not smiling. 

love love

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  1. Henry is a stud! Just sayin. The girls are cute too.