Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The last time

Kevin came home from his week long business trip to a weekend with the Tolberts. YAY! An unapologetic, completely out of control, full on Tolbert weekend. Sorry honey. I know it seems like those happen all the time, and they sort of do I guess. Again, sorry honey. But this time it was different. It was the last time. The last time we are all together before our little Huntsy leaves on his mission. (insert tears of joy and sadness, Mom) Of course there was food, grief, work projects, golf games, birdie balls, (FYI, get some right now), laughing, more food, mule rides, Dairy Keen, attempted ridiculous movies, and late nights laying around laughing with everyone. It was sort of the perfect last weekend. Also, I required a family photo. Because it was the LAST TIME. And it was the easiest family photo we have ever taken, if you don't count the sprinklers that hit us and the wind that blew us over. 

--Ruby leaned over during Hunter's talk and said, "Mom, I think I gonna miss him." (Again, insert tears.)-- Aren't all these kids like really really cute? They will be so big when he comes back!--

 --I am just going to say this. I have taken a lot of photos of the Brian Tolbert family, and I'm not gonna  anymore. Too picture perfect.--

 --Favorite photo ever.--
 --Oh look it's Trace and a Mini Trace. Both wearing amazing ties. Surprised? I'm not. --
 --I promise we didn't even coordinate this photo. I just asked that everyone have clothes on. Which for some, has to be requested. --
 --I love this little family of mine. A lot.--

 --AHHHH. Seersucker shorts and Top Siders! Turns out dressing a son can be fantastic. I love him--
 --The pure bloods.--
 --What we are really like most of the time.--
 --Oh that mother of ours, she's my fantastic. Like really.--
 These people are all my very favorite. Weirdness and all.

Hunter gave a great farewell talk to a packed house and all those great people joined us at the house afterward. It was really nice to see all people that you don't see very often, to mingle, to eat great food, to sit in the sunshine. It was all perfect. Thanks everyone for joining us, it was great! Mexico, you have a good one coming your way. Well done Hunter. Well done.

love love

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  1. Days like that don't come around all that often, but when they do, it seems, they always include family. I was grateful to be able to take part, if in a small way. Love you all!