Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Oh June...

I lay awake at night, terrified. Terrified by the thought of Stella June becoming a teenager. I'm not exactly sure why I've decided to stress at this moment, but I am. Maybe because she has grown what feels like a foot in the last week? Or that she has pulled more attitude out of her little body than any twelve year old I know. One way or another, I'm exhausted. And very terrified.

Stella: "Mom, are the painters still at Grandma's house?"
Me: "No, they have gone home"
Stella: "How do you know?"
Me: "I'm the Mom, I know everything..."
Stella: "No you don't."
Me: "Yep, I do!"
Stella: "Fine, then when is Jesus coming again?"
Me: ".... .... .... .... .... .... You win Stella"

Me: "Hey girls, I've been thinking that you guys are getting to big and grown up to play with that baby kitchen in the toy room. We should give it to someone who doesn't have one."
Stella: "Mom, are you trying to trick us into not liking the kitchen by calling us babies?"
Me: "... .... .... ..... ...... ....."

Me: "Stella, let's go! You're going to be late for preschool graduation"
Stella: "I can't, I'm just feeling to emotional to handle graduating."


I take that back, she doesn't have to be a teenager for me to be terrified, I'm scared now.
(I kid you not, she said all of those things last week. I wish I could make this stuff up.)

love love

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