Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Last

Oh my goodness, how has the time just flown past? Anyone else wondering how it is June 11? But really, seriously? How is already summer? How is my baby brother leaving tomorrow? for 2 whole years? How is Gus already 7.5 months old? And he waves? How is any and all of this possible? Darn you time and always moving forward.
Last week ended up being a whirlwind and I should have know it was going to be that way. I should have been more prepared for it. But I wasn't. And I'm paying the price this week. The month I have been scheduling with Kevin for the last 6 months is now up on the calendar and there isn't a day on it that isn't scribbled on. And by "scheduling it" I mean I have been laying it in front of him telling him all of the things that are going on, on this day and that day and what I need to do for it here and there. All while he smiles and lets my jabbering go in one ear and out the other. Regardless of his retention of my jabbering, it makes me feel better.
We ran away to Tabiona  with some of the Brimhall's on a Wednesday. And as I laid in bed watching the quakies turn gold as the sun rose, I agreed, again, that this stay at home stuff is sometimes pretty awesome. There it was a Wednesday and I had just up and left, and it was ok. I snuck downstairs, made a batch of cinnamon rolls and watched the mountain side welcome the daylight. That Tabiona, regardless of the shenanigans of the quick retreat, is nothing but goodness for my soul.
Unfortunately the girls don't do as well as I would like with a quick trip, in the middle of the week. I go messing with their routines- ya know, lucky charms, jake and the neverland pirates, aerobics, sprinklers under the tramp, jam sandwiches for lunch, a NAP, bike rides and wrestling matches with dad and a chapter before bed. Their life is pretty hard. It's a good thing my soul gets all nice and healed up before coming home, because dealing with a combustable Ruby is exhausting in any and all circumstances.
We came home, did some more laundry, they napped for not long enough and then it was the last weekend with H. Is anyone else tired of saying goodbye? And we haven't even said the last one. He leaves tomorrow morning and I'm sad, and proud. It's the most happy of sads you can have. We spent Friday night at the temple with him. Saturday, I kicked his butt on the golf course (but really) and then we dined out with the peacocks on Saturday night. Sunday the girls snuggled next to him at Stake Conference and then I stood over a pan of frying chicken for dinner. It was loud and chaotic and peaceful at the same time. The way it needed to be.
Now to distract myself from the official looming goodbye I'm gearing up for the next part of the calendar, the part where I'm scheduled out of town until what feels like the middle of July. But really the middle of July. Again, this stay at home life is pretty fantastic. :)

 I swear I wash the "snoopy shirt"

 We take National Donut Day very seriously.
 Look at those cute faces?!
 I beat both of them, at Red Ledges none the less. And now I'm done playing golf. To end on a high note and all.

 Micall, will you come home so Brian can photobomb your pictures?

 Stella asked if Hunter would go get a snow cone so they could say goodbye. She is very sad that they can't FaceTime for two whole years.

Is this one of those posts where you just keeping thinking #firstworldproblems? I am.

love love

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