Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Don't be a Westminster Crabby

When we got to Paris my mom spoke Spanish. When we went to London for the day, she spoke French. Turns out if you are cute, smile pretty and nod a lot they will always bring you a Coca Light. Always.
We played up our tourist cards in London very nicely. We hopped on a double decker bus so we could make sure to fit in the most amount of tourist things. It was pretty perfect actually.

 We stumbled upon the changing of the guard. It's too bad there were to many people around, I could have wandered the park and taken a million photos of the palace.

 We take colored skinny jeans very seriously, apparently.
 I'd be pretty gloom about the weather too...

 Anyone else get kinda sick on London Eye?

 The horses are as stoic as the guards. It's amazing.
 Turns out you can buy your shotguns here, for a quarter of million. But you would get to purchase them with the royal family. So that's pretty fantastic.
We could have spent days in London, wandering the streets, the shops and seeing shows. But they don't have crepes on every corner so we had to go back to Paris. 

love love

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