Monday, July 15, 2013

The Build Up

We slightly ventured away from the city for a morning of church, heading down a back street near the balconies of cats and geraniums. We didn't understand most of the words spoken but felt everything they had said. We spoke to the missionaries and are hearts ached with excitement for our own Hunter who was just as weird as they were. We sang the hymns in English and the curly headed toddler watched us as he played with his Lightening Mcqueen. There is always something comforting about an LDS church service in a far away land. It is exactly as it is at home. Except we had crunchy baguettes instead of wonder bread.

After church, we bundled up and spent the day wandering "The Islands" as our trusty Lonely Planet book told us and it was delightful. Mostly wonderful because it felt like the Paris of the movies. With little streets paved in cobblestones and shops selling all sorts of assortments, and red umbrellas covering the corner cafe's. We ate a delightful brunch and took in the city. The rain settled in on us that afternoon as we huddled in a doorway eating our ice cream cones. (Because of course we were eating ice cream cones, in the rain. Very logical.)  We watched a young couple sneak out of the rain and fall in love in the doorway across the street from us. The city really is in love all the time. After the rain passed we wandered to Notre Dame and per Hunter's request we waited in line to go inside. (The line is very deceiving, just because it is 4 blocks long does not mean it takes long. 7 minutes of waiting.) 

Micall is the official tour guide and carried that book faithfully until we left. 
 We loved this restaurant, and it's waiter, who may or may not have been a mime. Seriously.
 Deb is working on her roller blading routine at home for our next trip. She took notes.

Gargolyes everywhere. And not so many hunchbacks. 

After we wandered some more, we stumbled upon dinner that was French, and gross. I'll hand it to Micall, I have never been so impressed with someones desire to try new foods, even after we explained what Beef Tartare was. Apparently pan seared is still very raw, very cold, and very gross. It's a good thing we ate more crepes and bread pudding on the way home. 

love love

**Some photos stolen from Deb and Micall's Instagram feeds. Thanks guys!**

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