Sunday, July 14, 2013

Those Buildings

Alright France, your pastries, ah-mazing. Your croissants rocked my world. Your art is killer. and maybe your city kinda smells. But all those things I could have predicted. I mean I did once spend 15 hours there, And I've read a few cookbooks. But the thing I didn't predict, it was those buildings. I mean seriously. Kinda lame I know. But kinda not. Every day, we'd walk a new direction, coming out of a new metro station and there would be these buildings and they would that boggle my mind. They are intricate, and yet solid. They aren't very tall, but all the windows and carvings keep my eyes wandering. They are huge in mass. I just kept thinking, how are these things centuries old? I would walk ten steps behind my mom and sister just taking photos. For no real reason, other than they are pretty. I wish I knew the story behind each one of them. But there in the land of France, I don't have google in my pocket or speak French. So by the time we got back to our hotel at night, I couldn't remember what building I needed to google. 

love love

--Also, I am now home from my month long vacation and once I fully recover, I'm certain blog posts will start spewing. Vacation Life is really hard. (i'm totally being sarcastic, vacation life is amazing!)--

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