Saturday, July 6, 2013

Tourist Spot #1

So I ran away to Paris. A trip that was planned earlier this year but by planned I mean we had dates for the trip. I theoretically had babysitters for the kids and that was that. We didn't have much of an agenda (OK, we didn't have any agenda, just 10 days of time) for when we got there. Micall was just coming from Morocco, so her mind had been preoccupied, and Deb had just sent Hunter to the MTC a week prior. 
Deb and I arrived first, Micall was to arrive the next day. We tried to get our bearings straight but mostly were just enamored with the city. And the food. 

(for the record, this little shop was darling, but these were my least favorite croissants. No flake.)
You see, Deb, she's a painter. She will tell you some bs about it being just a hobby or she tries but we just roll our eyes. She's pretty damn good. But she'd never been to Paris. She'd never seen the great works of art that line the pages of the books that line her art studio. Right after high school I spent a day in Paris while I was wandering around. And that day I spent embracing the layers of oil paint that Monet and Van Gogh left on the canvas; calling my mom telling her to find paintings and paint her own version right away. In fact I still do that, remember the water lily painting above my couch? 
We first hit the Louvre without Micall. She'd already checked that off her list, and sometimes once is enough. We got lost inside and enamored with the massive canvases, statues, mosaics and a little thing named the Mona Lisa. And it was all amazing, but we didn't need anymore of it. The few hours was just enough to check it off our list. The crowds of people and rows of Neo-Classical paintings made it ok that we had slept in until almost noon. 

 Napoleon's dining room. Apparently he was into entertaining.
 Deb is small but not that small. The painting is just that large.

After we wandered around, ate some more snacks, took some more pictures Micall arrived and the party really started. She had her tour guide book and we were off. But first we had to eat Moroccan food, in Paris. And it was good. 

If you think this is the only post that is coming about this trip you clearly haven't been reading this little blog for long. But I'm still on vacation, (#barnlife is amazing) so blogging isn't my priority. And yes I know, my life is pretty dreamy. More to come I promise!
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  1. Love it. Excited to see more.

  2. I'm so glad you were able to go on this fabulous trip!! I cannot wait for my turn. All the pictures look amazing :)