Monday, August 26, 2013


After we were sealed, we celebrated in Park City with our littles and it couldn't have been more perfect. Stella kept telling people that we were there because our family had just gotten married in the temple! She told everyone who would smile at her, she was so proud. We spent the weekend just enjoying each other, enjoying the children. Letting them be little. We tried to document the entire day's worth of activities. 

 Waking up in a hotel room with Bagels and snuggles. A little kids dream.
 We taught them how to play shuffleboard, and then Kevin smashed Stella's finger. Game Over.
 Finger Paints!
 Swimming! Luckily the hotel had so many great things to do inside and several hot tubs. It was cold and rainy most of the day.
 Climbing up and jumping into Dad's arms is obviously a must.

 Mini Golf is sort of a junk show with these two... It's sort of like playing with Uncle Hunter, a lot of cheating. ;)

 Once the rain stopped and the track dried out, Stella measured up on her tippy-toes and was able to drive her own sled down the alpine slide. Which made it so much easier for everyone. I was able to stay with Henry, and Ruby could ride with Kevin and Stella could drive. She did really great! I was a little nervous she would let her nerves get the best of her and that a melt down would happen. No melt downs, just squealing.
 Ruby kept yelling, "This is so much FUN dad! So much FUN!"
 We then ty-dyed t-shirts, and it was serious business. Choosing all those colors and patterns, so many choices.

And we finished off the day with bubble baths. Everyone's favorite in a giant hotel bathtub...

Even though we only had 24 hours officially celebrating, we had the most fun. It was easily the best 24 hours of my summer.

love love

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