Monday, August 12, 2013

Some sort of ramble...

There was this one time that I wrote a blog. In fact my editor feed shows that I wrote 4 last week. sort of. I half way wrote them, because I am really good at making half way thoughts. Not full sentences. Who needs full sentences? But is it better to have half sentences or run on sentences? Anyway. While I was trying to make sense of the the nonsense that was going around, you got to look at the bugs that I blogged about weeks ago. Aren't you so lucky??

There are dishes from the pancakes we had for dinner in the sink. I am leaving them there. I went to do them, but then I noticed that there was an unopened box of Captain Crunch in the pantry. And those children of mine don't fully understand the greatness that is the first bowl of Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries. So. Many. Berries. Captain Crunch is way better than doing dishes, plus Kevin is out of town so I can always do them tomorrow.
Kevin has been out of town the last couple of weeks. I am trying not to be bored, but I'm kinda bored. I have been keeping the children busy with water colors. Who knew that was all they needed to entertain themselves for hours. School supplies are in full swing everywhere, and I always stock up. I sort of love school supplies. Like really. I put them in a tupperware with a ream of paper and told the girls they could create whatever they wanted, but they just had to put them all back. I was very clear about putting them back, like those precious school supplies were a privilege to be revoked at any moment. Genius parenting. Stella woke up this morning at 7 and instead of asking to watch Disney, (which she does everyday, even though I never tell her no, she always asks. Obedient child.) She asked to go "create" in the toy room. There she spent the next two hours painting. We are gonna need more paper. A lot more paper. I will happily buy more paper for her to "create" quietly with.
Henry is in full crawling motion. That cute little scoot of his was short lived when he figured out how to be fast, now he is fast. His little knees are nice and callused and his belly is suffering a rug burn from an afternoon without his shirt on. Suns out guns out! But I should have known that it was only a matter of minutes before he would fall down the stairs. Why do kids always always gravitate to the stairs? I saw him heading that way, I made a lunge for it, his chubby little foot slipped right through my hand, and then he tumbled all the way to the bottom. Why do they tumble? Why can't they just slide? It would be a lot less dramatic if they just slid, instead of the rolling from one stair to the next.
Orrr, I could just put a gate up and prevent all of it.
The girls were sent downstairs to clean up their room before we headed out for errands and such. I found them coming up the stairs to tell me it was clean, and me asking if they had put the shoes away, or closed the dresser drawers. Then I finally went down there and took a look. Thats where it happened. I didn't even mean too. The words just spewed out of my mouth, "This is your version of clean, not my version of clean." The very phrase my mother used to tell me and Micall. I didn't even realized that I had said it until I was sorting the laundry a few minutes later and I yelled down to Stella, "I don't do laundry for practice, this sweater is NOT dirty." AGAIN! There I had said the most classic of Deb phrases from my childhood within minutes of each other. I am officially a mom now, I have quoted my mother during morning chores. I am so relieved to finally be a full fledged mom now. It only took 3 kids and nearly 6 years.

Now for some random photos...


  1. Somehow you make being a mom sound so glamorous! Love it!

    1. Oh, it is not glamorous at all! This household is a junk show! But its mine, so I'll take it....