Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Tinker

September is in full swing. Can you believe it? You probably should since it's half over. The rain has drowned out the fall leaves and the need for pots of soup, warm crusty bread and anything made out of pumpkin has arisen. I have spent the last weeks tinkering it feels like. Tinkering because I don't have enough focus to fully commit to anything. Mostly, maybe, because I have a little friend named Henry Augustus, who has taken a firm position on my hip. I have never had a baby that is so clingy. Jeeze. How am I supposed to get anything done? I don't get anything done, I get a lot of things half done. But on a happy note, my arms are getting real strong.
Stella had picture day at school this week and we decided that she needed a new shirt. Ya know one that wasn't just a t-shirt. Because after all, it is picture day. I had only been in JCrew for a total of 37 seconds before both Stella and Ruby were covered in accessories. Ruby was walking around with a sparkly handbag in her elbow crease, talking on a cellphone case. Stella had two giant flower headbands in her hair; of course in coordinating colors. She had a necklace, 3 chunky bracelets, sparkly shoes and sunglasses on. aaannd she was flipping through the racks of flannel shirts, oohing and ahhing appropriately. Mostly I was muffed that they had broken the rule of "no wearing things without paying for them" (sometimes they don't tell me they are wearing things inside their pockets until we are all the way home and then it leads to a long family home evening and several discussions about stealing and a trip back to the store) , but maybe I was a little bit proud that she was rocking the best arm candy around. After stripping them of the best dress ups around she settled on a shirt from the boys section and was soo excited. Oh and a leopard print belt, obviously.

We ran away to the barn this weekend and left Kevin home to fend for himself. It rained and felt appropriate to be in the mountains with a fire place. And if you are in front of the fireplace sipping a Diet Coke, it only seems logical that you read a book called "stitch n' bitch" and learn to knit. Because I don't have enough things going on and knitting just seems like a good way to pass the time. After hours of trying to figure it out, casting on, ripping it off, casting on, ripping it off. Purling then Knitting, I think we got the hang of it. Courtesy of a few you tube videos. I'm almost done with my scarf for Ruby. She doesn't mind if the tension is off. Which it is. We enjoyed ourselves so much that I decided not to come home until yesterday. And Stella was heartbroken about such a thing. She missed a day of school. How could she miss a day of school. Tragedy.

I will continue to tinker with a few recipes, a few html codes, a few photos, and a few more skeins of yarn. Maybe at some point I will just do one thing, completely perfectly. Let's be honest here, that's probably not going to happen.

love love

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  1. I think you just described my life perfectly. You spying?