Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Paint Out

Every year the town of Jackson puts on a "Paint Out" during the Fall Festival. I pretty much invited myself and my three small children to intrude on my mom's weekend at the barn so we could all attend together. I'm not sure this is a super kid thing to do, but I did it anyway. And while I was at it, I sent my husband hunting with his dad so it could really be enjoyed. (Not that I wouldn't want Kevin to join us, and he really would have enjoyed the paint out, but a weekend with no husbands is pretty awesome. You don't have to have meat at the dinner table.)
The paint out is an invitation only event where 30 artists set up in the square of Jackson. They then have 90 minutes to paint or sculpt whatever they wish. And when the clock runs out the art work is auctioned off right then and there. We arrived about 3 minutes before the gun went off and it was fantastic. To watch these incredible artists of all different mediums go from start to finish was so neat. And to watch Stella's light up as she watched them paint was even more fun. Ruby's attention span wasn't long enough, so Grandma Deb and June scoped out everything while I stayed with the Gus and Ruby. It worked out pretty nicely.
Oh the amount of paint this guys was using. His assistant was scooping it out of gallon buckets with an ice cream scoop. I was seriously dying over this painting. So rad. Ok, and that little boy, I think he is pretty rad too.
After the kids attention span wore off I took them to the bubbles while Deb continued to watch the painters progression. It was pretty funny watching the girls try to blow the bubbles instead of drag the rope around. I think I will need to youtube a few videos and play outside while the sun is still shining to help them figure it out. 
As the clock was ticking closer to the 90 minute mark we headed back over to Amy Ringholz. We had been watching her from the beginning and her graffiti style was so fun. The girls were in heaven. They patiently watched her paint in front of all the crowds of people. I guess a huge benefit of being small. 
It was probably the most fun to watch her look at Ruby and then immediately paint the foxes eyes green and gold. Coincidence? Maybe, but I'm choosing to think she was inspired by Miss Red Dress.

After the paint out ended, we wandered the farmers market, ate some more snacks and snuggled in back at the barn with a few skeins of yarn. You can't completely blame me for uninviting Kevin can you?
Thanks Mom for letting my junk show tag along, it was fantastic. Seriously.

love love

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