Tuesday, October 1, 2013

a Weekend Ramble

I was writing my little brother an email yesterday and it hit me, I basically wrote the same letter last week. With the same words, the same undertones, and the same rambling on about basically nothing but how busy I feel like I am. How I sort of love it. I'm busy with a to do list, a purpose, a deadline or two. It's not just doing the laundry. Thats a huge win right?
 Last week I put my computer away for most of the week. For genuine fear that I would get flour all over it. I baked and baked and then baked some more. So much that I was genuinely tired of my kitchen. Which is a rare occasion.
I was in my kitchen wearing leggings, making jam with a baby on my hip, a 3 year old singing about being a princess outside, and the windows open with a perfect breeze coming through. My sweet kindergartener was at the table working on her homework talking to herself. I realized I am a mom. I am a mom like my mom was a mom. Except I didn't have any John Denver playing in the background. It felt good. It felt like how I always imagined motherhood would be. When I was done making jam I didn't have anything to put it on, so obviously I made a batch of bread. (who thinks like that?) And when I was done making another massive mess, I sat down on the floor, (because I was too covered in flour to sit on the couch) and curled up with my knitting needles and finished a scarf (My first one!) while my babies chased each other around. I think I should be like 75 years old. I mean seriously.
It was genuinely a happy weekend. Busy with people, and places to go and messes to make. But it was kinda fantastic. It doesn't happen very often that we have people over, go to parties and dinners. Especially in a weekend. And that's ok, I really enjoy just snuggling on the couch with my family. As long as I get to have weekends like this one every now and then it's perfect.

Oh boy do I love the fall.

love love

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