Thursday, October 10, 2013

Brimhalls go to Washington

So there was this one time that I was talking to my sister on the phone and we somehow decided that I needed to come and see her. In Washington. With all of the kids. I didn't really ask Kevin and I'm not sure she asked Travis if it was ok. We just decided it. Because really who doesn't want to take a 12 hour road trip with 3 children under the age of 5?
The trip was relatively spontaneous for an epic road trip. We decided to go only a week before hand. That was enough time for Micall to have everything all planned, our agenda was set and ready to go. I pretty much just planned on snacks, toy bags, snacks, dvd's, snacks, bags of yarn, snacks, blankets, snacks, crayons, and more snacks. Because the only way to get through a 12 hour road trip is snacks. Ok, the only way to get through the day is snacks.
We piled everyone and everything in the car and left Thursday at 1pm. We drove and drove and kept on driving until we arrived in Pullman, Washington around 11pm.  Thats a serious road trip. And the kids apparently are made for road trips because they never even opened their toy bags, snack bags or coloring the entire drive up. They watched 4 movies and then fell fast asleep. They are pretty awesome.
We spent the weekend hanging out, exploring WSU and the town of Pullman and Moscow. We played and played and played some more with their new dog, Molly. The girls giggled with Aunt Colly and TTTTT-J. Gus took his first steps, but apparently only wants to walk in Washington since he hasn't done it again. We stayed up late, and when we went to bed we listened to Gus whine and cry. There is nothing like a baby in apartments on vacation. We pretty much just drank more Diet Coke to overcome Gus's inability to sleep on vacation. Sorry about that again...

I'm not really sure what's going on with Ruby and the above face, it's her new thing. She can tell you the funniest stories with her mouth like that.

Micall gave us a tour of the vet hospital and it is so cute to see how her eyes light up when she shows you the surgery rooms and freeze dried studying tools. That girl was born to be a vet, since she was Ruby's age thats all she's wanted and I can't imagine it any other way. We ate ice cream for our morning snack and played at the park in the best fall weather. Seriously the weather, it was amazing.

The girls wanted to be next to Aunt Colly the entire time, unless Ruby was looking for "Hanitizer" She really loves Hand Sanitizer.
On Saturday we went to an apple orchard and picked more apples than we knew what to do with.  We made fresh cider; which was totally worth the wait and the hilarity's of watching us pick apples. We are pretty efficient at making cider, like probably the fastest ones there.

On Sunday we were lazy and laid around with the kids, watching conference, and snuggled Molly. We played frisbee and ate some more food. Because snacks and food are pretty much essential.
Then, sadly it was over. In the wee hours of Monday morning, we loaded sleeping children back into the car and drove home. It was way too short, I could have used another couple of days just hanging out. But the kids were perfect on the 11 hour drive home, which makes it really easy to want to go back. (But really. The kids in the car for 11 hours, with only 3 stops, and those were just for the bathroom and grab food to eat in the car. They didn't fuss, they didn't whine, they played, they watched movies and slept. Gus was even awesome on the drive home. I was the one who was bored. At about hour 9, I was ready to be done. Mostly because my hand hurt so bad from knitting I couldn't do it anymore. Ok so I knit in the car. Whatever. I made 3 hats and a scarf on the trip. And I'm aware that it makes me like 80 years old.)
Spending time with Micall and Travis and just us, in their own world was amazing. Watching the kids adore them is the pretty much best. The only downside is that now everyone wants to know when they can see Molly again, or maybe get Molly's sister to live at our house. (not going to happen)

We had the best weekend, thanks so much Godderidge's for allowing us to overtake your "hotel" and ruin all the excellent training on your dog. You're the best!
love love

(We were kinda busy laughing, so I didn't take very many photos. And why don't I take any photos of Gus? He is always there I promise...)

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