Tuesday, September 3, 2013

fluffy hair and pink skies

Usually on Tuesday nights I hide from the children. I sometimes go for a run, or a bike ride. Sometimes I curl up on the couch and take a few deep breaths because I know the kids are outside watching Kevin mow the lawn. It's sort of become our weekly routine. But with Henry exercising his lungs the last few days, I haven't found a way that will allow both uses of my arms. So my Tuesday night of peace was not happening. He is now requiring I use at least one arm at all times to hold him. Usually I don't oblige to that kind of behavior, just ask the girls. But Henry, he has more stubbornness than I had imagined. He will scream it out for as long as I am willing to ignore his requests. And I am pretty good at ignoring them, like maybe for hours. So when I went outside to check on the girls, I plopped the smelly, whiny, grumpy, sick baby into the plastic chair.
He was happy.
For more than a moment he was happy. He sat and watched the girls jump on the tramp and Kevin mow the lawn for nearly 20 minutes. The best 20 minutes of my day. I was even able to take a few photos with the use of both arms. How about that...

I really enjoy the dazed look in this photo, well done Henry. And also, his hair? It just sort of looks like that all the time. Regardless of what I do to prevent it. 

love love

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  1. Oh my word he is Delicious! Despite his incessant screaming. And I know how bad a mom hates it when people tell her what a doll their naughty kids are... cuz everyone says that about Owen and he cries all day. I've decided he just has a grudge against the world. :) Keep blogging! i love your posts!