Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The end

Tonight is the last night we can officially call it summertime. Tomorrow Ruby starts her first year of preschool and it can't come soon enough. She is ready. I am ready. That child is flirting on the edge of my patience most days. If I remember correctly, so was Stella before we sent her off to Pre-school. I'm hopeful a little space and someone else enforcing the rules will be helpful. We will see. Fingers crossed.
Stella has fallen in love with school. And she is working on loving the school bus. The morning ride is ok, but we are working on getting her switched to a different afternoon bus. One that will drop her off 30 minutes sooner than the other. She is so hungry when she gets home she is like Uncle Hunter after swim practice. I remind her she will be hungry as she is eating her breakfast, but she doesn't want any more cheerios. Sometimes it's just to hard to eat breakfast when you have places to go. Plus she isn't a breakfast person, and neither am I. So I guess I can't really blame her.
Gus got sick last week and we are still struggling. When the poor kid gets sick, he gets real sick. He keeps puking up all forms of food and crying. Lots and lots of crying. And his new favorite thing is to flay his body in every direction. So that's pretty fun. I think Kevin was really excited to go back to work this morning, just for the peaceful office. I never have to wonder why he doesn't work from home.

And now for the iphone photos...

All in all this has been a great summer. One of the best ones actually. I'm a little sad to see it go, but sort of thrilled for fall. Life starts over again when it gets crisp in the fall.

love love

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