Thursday, October 24, 2013

a study break

My creative outlet for the last month or so hasn't really been this computer, scratch that, hasn't been this blog. It's clearly evident. I've come to realize I only have so much creativity, and if I expel it elsewhere, I can't or don't write here. But I find myself reading with my children. Making sugar cookies and smothering them in a serious amount of frosting and sprinkles. I make a new hat or scarf with knitting needles or I sit on the floor and color pages of disney princesses. It wasn't an official declaration or a required change of pace, it just happened. I don't write Henry a monthly letter because I find myself living his monthly letters. Not to say I didn't with the other girls, or writing a monthly letter is bad, I just haven't. I wish I had, to remember every little detail. But I am enjoying him instead of thinking about how I can write about him. does that make sense?

Plus I think I need new glasses, I'm having a hard time seeing my computer screen.

And well I'm easily distracted by a dance party to Safe and Sound. It's hard to concentrate on anything else when this song is being demanded and then sung at an extremely high volume.

And then there was this one time that our friend Jed made this video and showed it to 50K people at the Global Citizens Festival. He forgot to mention that Stella was in it, she's around the 20 second mark...

Oh and Gus, he has got the zombie down...

I sort of just can't get over how perfect everything feels... 

love love

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