Thursday, October 24, 2013

no boys allowed

You know when you plan and commit to something 6 months in advance there is a part of you that's certain it's not actually going to happen? I feel like that happens a lot, everything in the best of intentions. Well 6 months ago my girlfriends and I started planning a weekend away at the cabin, and luckily we found a weekend that worked for everyone. I think that is the first trick, we picked the weekend first. Then we forgot about it, until a few weeks before hand. As it all came together it was complicated. It felt complicated and messy. Who was driving with who, how were they going to get up the mountain, who was cooking what meals and sleeping where. Let alone who was watching the kids. But after everything fell into place, babysitters were found, Kevin's flight arrived home earlier, people backed out then were convinced otherwise, we were ready.
My very best friends, all 7 of them, were able to get away for the weekend. A weekend with no husbands, no children and no agenda. They managed through their messy schedules as well and coordinated everything on their ends so we could all be together. It's been ten years since we were in high school together spending the nights giggling. and thats a long time. 
Molly, Jess, Ash and I arrived on Friday evening ready for the best weekend. We were greeted with a small rodent problem. A decomposing pica had caused havoc on the place and then there was a living pica that had that look in it's eyes, it was going to finish the job that the first pica had started. After some heavy gloves, boots and a lot, I mean a lot, of squealing took place, we caught the pica. Then it crawled up Molly's hair and we had to catch it again. Because obviously we squealed, shook, jumped and freaked it of her hair. Let's just say in the end it was taken care of. 

We cleaned up the pica destruction, started a fire that never went out, cooked dinner,  and as everyone else arrived we settled in. Meaning we all changed into our sweats and slippers. We drank more Diet Cokes than I predicted, didn't eat nearly all the snacks we brought, and we talked and talked. We talked in a group, we talked in little groups. The seats on the couches were rotated and everyone reconnected with each other. The fire kept us warm as we laughed until 4am, and even when we went to bed it was because we felt like it was the responsible thing to do. Everyone contributed to the weekend, everyone helped clean and took care of things when they saw them, not when asked. It was easy in all it's chaos, not because we didn't have to do work, clean, or cook; but easy because we all were doing it together, contributing together.
The next day repeated itself entirely and at the end of it we realized that together, we were women. Not just wives, mothers and employees. Not just volunteers at school or the Primary president. Nobody sat around and complained about our children or husbands. Really, nobody did. We talked about religion, life, futures, dreams and our own insecurities and fears. We buoyed each other up and held each other as we cried. We allowed ourselves to be women. 
6 months ago when we scheduled this weekend, nobody anticipated it actually happening, and I guarantee that nobody knew how much we each needed it. Of all the travels I have done this year, and I feel like I have been gone on vacation an unrealistic amount of time, this has been the very most rejuvenating trip. I am a better mother and wife because of spending 48 hours with these 7 women. 
Thank you girls for making the time to run away together, to be with each other, to help each other. To laugh until we cried, to feel normal in this crazy life. I love you all. 

love love


  1. awesome. I did the same thing with a group of 5 girls a few weekends ago... and same, we went home finally at 3am because we had to, not cuz we wanted to. Women have more strength and wisdom than we give ourselves credit for. So glad you got to have fun!