Friday, November 8, 2013

Month 12

To my little boy,
Oh Gus, you are the happiest baby boy around. You walk in a frenzy for fear that Stella or Ruby is going to take what you want or they are just going to smother you. Which are both very legitimate fears. Your hair is out of control and completely translucent and I secretly love it. Some days I feel like you are the exact replica of your father and then I see this look that is completely Stella, so really me. You flap your wings in excitement when you say goodbye or hi. You give the most fantastic kisses around. The kind that only a mother enjoys. You want to fill your belly with nothing but goldfish crackers and milk. But really, not much else. Maybe now that you have more teeth than just one fang tooth on top you will broaden your tastes. 
When you aren't running around, you are throwing things. Wait, you usually just throw things while you are running. You throw everything. Running from one object to an another just chucking it towards the ground to hear it smash.  And then when you have successfully heard it smash you screech in excitement about it. Then running fast away. It is an intense cycle, one that leaves my hears aching and my house a mess.  But then you smile at me with those blue eyes, with a sparkle that  knows something I don't, and I melt on the floor. 
Even though you have my heart, dearest Henry, you are nothing close to a mama's boy. You enjoy me, and run to me, full of smiles. But only in your father's absence. When he is home, you want only him. You will snuggle him, fall asleep on his shoulder, you climb to him, you yell for him. Some days it makes me jealous, but mostly it warms my soul. To watch your dad melt into your arms, and you into his, it's what makes the world go round. You belong with each other. 
Today you are one years old. Just one. And yet it feels like you've been here forever. You transitioned into our family effortlessly. You made us whole and better. You linked us all together and we couldn't be more grateful. I sneak into your room some nights as you are falling fast asleep and try to remember a time without you in it, and I can't. It feels like you have always been here. Watching you grow and change, witnessing your personality develop; constantly wondering what you will be, it's the greatest joy to be your mom. Thank you sweet boy for making our lives so much better. You are so loved.

Happy Birthday!

love love

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  1. I love your writing, Tehmi. You're a great writer and a great mom. My youngest is a daddy's girl, too. And it is heavenly--Interspersed with a little jealousy on my part. ;)

    I have a random question for you. Do you by chance know the paint color and brand of the gray wall color in Henry's room? I'm on the hunt for a good light gray and am finding it harder and harder to find something I like. Your wall color looks great, though.