Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Month 72

I finally took my SD card out of my camera and started looking at the last few weeks worth of photos. I stumbled upon this one of our birthday girl, and it does nothing but bring complete joy to my heart. These last few weeks have been what feels like  a roller coaster ride combined with a game of dodge ball. To say it's been exhausting is an understatement. But this moment when I snapped this photo, my little girl was turning 6 years old. Unwrapping presents and deciding on a breakfast, dancing around to the birthday song.
She is everything good in this world wrapped up in the most beautiful package. She is kind and loving in a way that is purely innate. She is emotional and delightful and exhausting in all the same motions. I love nothing more in this world than being her mother. I'm supposed to teach her how to be the best person she can be, when really she is teaching me that. And she always has been.
I love you Stella June.
Happy Birthday!

love love

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