Wednesday, January 1, 2014

oh hey

So it turns out I didn't blog in December. Eh. I could have and probably should have. But then in the last weeks of 2013, I found myself getting all indigent and saying to myself, "no, go the whole month without a post" aaannnnd I'm not exactly sure why. Like I felt some need to protest; why and for what? I dunno know.
Mostly, all my creative energy was busy elsewhere. It was knee deep into a few dozen skeins of yarn and varying knitting needles. I feel like I knit Christmas this year. But seriously, I did. I gifted 17 hats, 2 sets of hand warmers  and 2 scarfs. And that doesn't count all the times I had to unravel a hat, or the times Henry helped. Such a helper that one.
This blog was not alone in it's neglect. There was all that Christmas crafting I was gonna do, and then didn't. Or the baking list that I pretty much didn't even attempt, aside from a couple batches of caramel. I'm pretty sure I didn't even snap the shutter of my dslr until Christmas eve. Not even for a photo of all the knitting!
I was busy. Knitting.
So it turns out, I got a little manic with the knitting. I'm seeking professional help.

While I gather up all the blog posts of the last month, along with a farewell to 2013; I can't forget that, I mean, I did keep 3 small children alive and well.

Ok, if we're being honest, Kevin did that.
love love

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