Thursday, January 16, 2014

You win December

I feel like once I survive the month of December and reality of the vacation settles back in, I get all sorts of sad. I get sad because the busyness of the holidays is over. The social outings are done with, the rushing to and from are gone. And you are back to life. Back to early bed times, early mornings. Back to school and regularly scheduled dinners.
Who am I kidding. I love all those things. I love the routine of things, I just need a few projects to keep myself busy and distracted until the sun shines. I'm working on a few knitting projects that doesn't involve hats, but rather giant, giiiaannnt, knitting needles and yarn I make myself. I've got a few thousand photos to go through from the last year, and a stack of recipes I'm anxious to try. But I'm slow to move on any of those things. I find myself dodging balls being thrown at me, little girls on quiditch brooms zooming past, or my sweet husband picking up all the things that are about to be tossed out again. I am fully engrossed in this life of mine and still trying to recover from one hell of a December.
Gus battled pneumonia from Thanksgiving until... well I'm pretty sure it's still lingering. Shortly after the X-rays and antibiotics, he decided to learn to run. And ran straight towards the only wooden chair around and split his eye open. We survived the 3 stitches like champions if I do say so. And I say "we" because those stitches are really hard on mom's. Somehow I was there holding his head down while Kevin and the nurse held him down elsewhere. Why did I have to be the one he looked at while they stitched him up? I changed positions with the nurse after the first stitch. I was much better down at his feet. After I clipped his stitches out a week later, he got himself a mean case of pink eye that luckily stayed just with him and not the entire family. By the time Christmas came around I was delighted to just have him in one piece, fully functioning.
But before Christmas could grace us, the flooding happened. The girls bedroom started leaking and the roulette game of where it was coming from began. Luckily the dishwasher was the culprit and an easy fix. But oh the smell of wet sheet rock goes really well with Christmas candles and cookies baking. deeeeelicious.
During the week of Christmas and on through New Years we bounced back and forth between my family and Kevin's and the girls to Trevor's. We were busy and then busier, then real freakin busy. But it felt like it all stopped suddenly and just like that holiday's were over.
And I'm real excited about that.

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  1. Glad you survived, my friend. January has given me the blues, but I'm determined to win. I'm so glad your little mister is feeling better! Nothing makes a mama feel more helpless than a sick baby.