Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Month 48

Miss Ruby Red Dress,
You turned four years old last week and I've been wandering my mind as to how that happened. How did you get to be 4?! In the last few months you have grown up so much. The way you talk, the way you play; everything about you is older. You are everyone's biggest fan and nothing but excitable about everything. Your facial expressions tell a thousand words and the bounce in your steps make nothing but music around here.

You adore your baby brother as much as anyone possibly can. You wait for him outside his bedroom, counting down the minutes until you can wake him and play with him. Most day's you don't want to go to school because you would be just to sad to leave him alone. It's a good thing he loves you too.

You still wander around with your sparkly purse and have it full of 3 chapstiks at any given moment. You can't sleep without your circle blanket, and you're wearing a hole in it by the minute. You love to play dress ups and then drive your Lightning Mcqueen car around the kitchen. You can't stand to have your hands dirty and rush towards the "hanitzer" anywhere you can find it. But seriously, you can't eat donut holes without a fork. Other than glazed donut holes you don't want to eat "sugary" things, really at all. You like the idea of going to get ice cream, like it's a social outing. But when you get your ice cream cone you just hold it until it melts on your hand and then promptly hand it over to Dad. When you blew out your candles on your birthday cupcakes you never even tasted them.

Miss Ruby, you have always been exactly what I've needed in this life. Your sister is there to make me a better parent, to challenge and make me grow. Your brother is there for your dad, to be his best buddy. But you, you're here for me. You make my day's happier, my mornings brighter and even when you are ridiculous and out of control, I still can't stop smiling at you. You are hilarious in the way you talk and the things you pick up on. While I was helping you get dressed a couple weeks ago, you asked me if Grandpa Trace could be your best friend, because every little girl needs a best friend, and logically he was the best choice. Clearly. 
As sad as I am to see you slip out of being my baby, my toddler, I'm so excited to see what you will grow into. With your enthusiasm, your imagination and sparkle, you could do anything. And as your mom, it's really exciting to watch. You are so loved baby girl.

love love 

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