Friday, January 31, 2014

The Circus

Hey Micall!
The circus came to town! And well, it seemed like a perfect place to celebrate Ruby's birthday. Ok not really, we had cake and ice cream, which she didn't eat, on her birthday. But going to the circus made it easier to not have to plan much on her actual birthday.
I'm sure that other girl on there was nice and everything, but we asked her to get off for a picture. 
She sat promptly on his lap for the entire event. Well except for the moment when he bought her a snow cone and then said she had to sit on her own chair until she was finished with it. She didn't eat much, then was back on his lap watching the tigers, clowns, trapeze and puppies. And I'm not in the least bit surprised. 
Ok, I understand this isn't the best picture. But this lady was balancing on a bar that was hanging from the rafters, on her head, doing the splits, and spinning hoola hoops on her arms and legs. Two words: Core. Strength.
My favorite part was June. She was so excited and sparkly watching the entire thing, I just love her so much.
I will say, this circus exceeded all forms of my expectations. And everyone was pretty entertained the entire time. Gus kept clapping and pointing at everything, even though it was hours past his bedtime. Which marks it as a complete success!
Happy Birthday Ruby Red Dress!

love love

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