Thursday, January 30, 2014

not your ordinary swing set

Before we left St. George, we were really wanting to play tennis. Ya know to get all those wiggles out before we were strapped in the car. I really like playing tennis, but I don't have any sort of skill. And I don't care so much, cause Kevin throws the game and lets me feel better about my lack of hand eye coordination. As we were venturing out to the tennis courts, Gramps decided to detour us to the pickle ball courts. Clearly not my land of expertise since I'm pretty terrible at ping pong too. The pickle ball courts were all full of senior citizens in tall socks and sweat bands, so we headed to the park nearby.
I think this was Gramps plan all along, he didn't want to watch tennis or pickle ball. He was really into this park.

This was no ordinary park though. This was... well, I dunno how to even describe it. It felt like it was designed to test the laws of physics. And it was freakin awesome.

Example 1: A skateboard attached to a metal ramp with a handle bar. Let's see how far up the ramp you can go while still holding on. He was a pro.
Example 2: A teeter toter meets a swing. The highlight of the park...
Stella batted her big blue eyes and had him swinging back and forth...
Example 3: A spinning crank designed to make you puke. Which, with the help of Grandpa spinning me so fast, I was successful at. 
and Example 4: perhaps it's a hamster wheel on it's side? Who knows, but Gus really enjoyed it...

After Gus had eaten enough dirt and everyones hands were black from all the rubber, we load up headed north for home. such a bummer.

It was just the perfect little getaway, perfect to play in the sunshine and to play with my grandparents. I'm so very lucky that I have all of my grandparents around to play with my children. They are so completely spoiled. Thanks for the wonderful vacation Gramps and Gram! We'll be back soon!

love love

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  1. Now you've been to an Australian park!! I love that teeter totter swing :)