Monday, April 14, 2014

super photogenic.

yesterday I took a small break from baking pie. I figured the kitchen could be flour free for a few hours. And then I noticed that my children were still in their church clothes and a photo was required. I mean I might have required it, but that doesn't mean it was successful.

Hey Gus, where's your nose?
Oh. right there?
Where's Ruby's nose?

I'm sure I could have photoshopped some heads around, changed a few things, but really this is our life. Gus shoves his finger in his nose and gets real mad when there isn't a ball to throw. Stella poses perfectly and tries to make sure everyone is looking the right direction. And Ruby, oh she is just pure feisty that one...
Happy Monday!

love love

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  1. I adore all three of them! These photos are perfect.